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Armen Avanessian, Werner Boschmann, Karen Sarkisov with Stefan Helmreich  (eds.), Oceanography: Marine Monitoring, Microbiology, and Materiality

In recent years, new techniques in molecular biology, gene sequencing, bioinformatics, and remote sensing have transformed scientific understandings of Earth’s oceans, offering new models and maps of their surfaces and depths. At the same time, fresh political, cultural and philosophical approaches to the seas have increasingly turned to detailing how human history and impacts are legible in our world’s waters. This volume features contributions from a range of scholars concerned—scientifically, socially, and ethically—with Earth’s oceans today. [publisher’s information]

Edited by Armen Avanessian, Werner Boschmann, Karen Sarkisov with Stefan Helmreich
Published by Sternberg Press and V-A-C Foundation
ISBN 9783956795411
152 pages

16 Eur

Contributions by Penny Chisholm, Robert Danovano, Cindy van Dover, Sabine Höhler, Jessica Lehman, Naomi Oreskes, Helen Rozwadoski, Philip Steinberg

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