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Brad Haylock, Megan Patty (eds.), Art Writing in Crisis

Fires burn around the world. Systemic discrimination persists, precarity is increasing, and the modern democratic project faces challenges from all sides. Art writing helps us to understand art which in turn helps us to understand such crises. But art writing itself is in crisis. Newspapers and magazines offer fewer channels than ever for independent art criticism, persistent institutional biases exclude the positions of many, and a proliferation of platforms presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

This volume presents contributions from a broad range of authors who address the social and political dimensions of art and art writing in the contemporary context, and the ways in which new writing and publishing practices promote critical engagement among readerships as never before.
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Edited by Brad Haylock, Megan Patty
Published by Sternberg Press
Design by Brad Haylock
ISBN: 9783956795855
288 pages

20 Eur

Contributions by Taylor Renee Aldridge & Jessica Lynne, Kalia Brooks Nelson, Maddee Clark, Justin Clemens, Ben Eltham, Fayen D’Evie & Lizzie Boon, Dan Fox, Maria Fusco, Sarah Gory, Boris Groys, Paul James & Brad Haylock, Flavin Judd, Sara Kaaman, Jessica Gysel & Katja Mater, Bella Li & Justin Clemens, Freek Lomme, Rachel Marsden, Nikos Papastergiadis & Hou Hanru, Megan Patty, Barry Schwabsky, Anna-Sophie Springer & Caleb Waldorf, and Astrid Vorstermans

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