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Dovilė Šimonytė, Pathos

‘Pathos’ is the first graphic novel by Dovilė Šimonytė. Its semi-fictional narrative is based upon both personal and less personal experiences of dealing with mental and women’s health, the treatments and complications. Stories were gathered in saunas, coffee shops, and kitchens under the influence of heat, nudity, caffeine, and trust. It is set in a world where illness is on par with superstition and treatments come from charlatans or local witches who apply rather bizarre methods and techniques. Collectively, it takes the form of a pathological lie entwined with a wellness cult, long queues, and hope to get better.

Dovilė Šimonytė uses superstition and a vague knowledge of occult practices to tell stories about everyday life. Noting her ability to tell a tale more convincingly than the anecdote that actually happened, Šimonytė has vowed never to reveal the complete truth.

Edition of 200, risography, linocut

20 Euro

T. +37061165330
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