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Echo. DNA #4

“If sound is birth and silence death, the echo trailing into infinity can only be the experience of life, the source of narrative and a pattern for history.” Drawing on Louis Chude­ Sokei’s metaphorical, political, and technopoetic investigations, this volume experiments with how the echo of past ideas of life and form has brought forth the technolo­gies and lifestyles that our contemporary world is based on. The essays, conversations, and artist contributions delineate a varie­gated array of technologies, creating an image of their past and their future potentials. [publisher’s information]

Texts by Louis Chude-Sokei, Maya Indira Ganesh, Wesley Goatley, Xavier Le Roy, Luciana Parisi, Sascha Pohflepp, Sophia Roosth, Gary Tomlinson

Series: The New Alphabet, Vol. 4
Edited by HKW, Nick Houde, Katrin Klingan, Johanna Schindler
Design by Malin Gewinner, Hannes Drißner, Markus Dreßen
Published by Spector Books
ISBN: 9783959054577
76 pages 

10 Eur

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