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Inga Navickaitė, Alfredas Drąsutis, Desentimental

“Desentimental” is a photography project which started on 31 December, 2016. The idea for this project came up in an effort to honorably bid farewell to an old and broken sofa which had served different generations and constantly changing tenants for more than 40 years. In a way, it is a relationship documentary. The same shot was taken every day, throughout a year, with the sofa as an unchanging part that only rotates several times. Other constants are the sheets and me who naturally changes poses in different photos and performs a certain choreography. This project is an intimate trace of a relationship and a way to “desentimentalize” the object which has witnessed so many important moments.

Self-published, edition of 30
Veltinis, Gmund Pink 100 g/m2, Munken Lynx 120 g/m2, Recycled cardboar pink 270 g/m2
Rašalo spauda
4,5x20 cm
382 psl.

40 Eur

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