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Katrin Klingan, Johanna Schindler, Nick Houde (eds.), Making

Who produces what, and how? What tools and technologies, what values and intentions are fed into the process? What part do power and control play in the context of semi-autonomous technologies that will shape our future world? The book’s essays and artist contributions focus on the practices and politics of production as a response to our contemporary processes of planetary transformation. With contributions by Luis Campos, Maria Chehonadskih, Ana Guzmán, Hao Liang, Hu Fang, Elizabeth Povinelli, Sophia Roosth and Kaushik Sunder Rajan. [publisher’s information]

Edited by Katrin Klingan, Johanna Schindler, Nick Houde
Design: Hannes Drißner, Malin Gewinner, Markus Dreßen
Published by Spector books
ISBN: 978–3–95905–465-2
84 pages

10 Eur

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