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Lithuanian Space Agency: Annual Report no. 1

For the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, the Lithuanian Space Agency and its founder Julijonas Urbonas present Planet of People, an artistic study into a hypothetical artificial planet made up of human bodies. Along with the exhibition in Venice, the LSA introduces its first annual report.

In the first part of the report, Urbonas delves into the research on gravitational aesthetics which laid the ground for the invention of the Planet of People concept. Following this, the major part of the report is dedicated to outlining the development of Planet of People which pushes our imagination, as well as scientific and artistic research, to their limits.

The report includes a number of feasibility studies for Planet of People, submitted by the LSA’s scientific community. Coming from fields such as astrophysics, astroanthropology, astrobiology, space history and space arts, they explore what it would actually take to realise this architectural fiction and how this project provides us with a different perspective towards our current life on Earth.

With contributions by Michael Clormann, Régine Debatty, Vidas Dobrovolskas, Hu Fei and Jia Liu, Li Geng, Theodore W. Hall, Isora x Lozuraityte Studio for Architecture, Craig Jones, Rebekka Ladewig, Xin Liu, Lisa Messeri, Michael P. Oman-Reagan, Joseph Popper, Lauren Reid, He Renke, Fred Scharmen, Studio Pointer*, Ma Yansong and Zheng Yongchun.

Edited by Milda Batakytė, Julijonas Urbonas
Design by Studio Pointer* and Jan Egbers)
Published by Six Chairs Books, co-published with Rupert and Gallery Vartai
ISBN: 978-609-96058-6-9
192 pages + a poster

18 Eur

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