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Maria Eichhorn, Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices / Prohibited Imports

Maria Eichhorn: Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices / Prohibited Imports focuses on two of Eichhorn’s open-ended projects, which both have the representation and regulation of sexual imagery as their theme. Prohibited Imports (2003/08 and 2015) now includes four books censored by Japanese customs and Film Lexicon of Sexual Practices currently consists of twenty films.

Essays by Nora M. Alter, Pamela M. Lee, Nina Power and the exhibition’s curator, Scott Watson, engage the critical dimension of these compelling works. The catalogue is the final work of designer Knut Wiese and is itself a mirror of the works it represents. Maria Eichhorn, one of the most rigorous artists working today, lives and works in Berlin. [publisher’s words] 

In 2022 Eichhorn will represent Germany at the Venice Biennial. 

Texts by Nora Alter, Pamela M. Lee, Nina Power and Scott Watson.
Edited by Greg Gibson, Jana Tyner and Scott Watson
Published by Walther Konig Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-960985-13-6
236 pages

33 Euro

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