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Shelter Cookbook

American publisher and DIY architect Lloyd Kahn made a name for himself in the 1970s with publications on the self-build movement. As an eclectic meta-manual, Shelter Cookbook explores the content of these now iconic publications and relates their ways of thinking and working to the contemporary practices of Swiss architect Leopold Banchini and curator Lukas Feireiss. Shelter Cookbook is intended as a document recording a personal search for unexpected relationships and networks tied in with historical documents and contemporary architectural projects. The volume includes interviews and photo spreads and follows lines of mycological investigation. [publisher’s information]

Swiss architect Leopold Banchini explores the limits of spatial design using local materials and traditional building methods.

Berlin curator Lukas Feireiss is an educator working internationally across disciplinary boundaries in the fields of art, culture, and contemporary reflexivity.

Lloyd Kahn is a publisher and DIY architect from California who has been influential in the self-build movement in the US and around the world since the 1970s.

Dylan Perrenoud is an architectural photographer from Geneva.

Editors: Leopold Banchini, Lukas Feireiss
Published by Spector Books
Design: Floyd E. Schulze, WTHM – Büro für Gestaltung
ISBN: 9783959054904
112 pages

20 Euro

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