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Philippe Pirotte, Arielle Bier (eds.), Städelschule Lectures 1

Städelschule Lectures 1 presents lectures, conversations, and interviews by Monika Baer, Petra Van Brabandt, Douglas Gordon, Mark Leckey, Joshua Oppenheimer, Philippe Parreno, Philippe Pirotte, Lucy Raven, Willem de Rooij, Martha Rosler, Adi Rukun, Georgia Sagri, Mark von Schlegell, Amy Sillman, and Josef Strau. This publication is the first of a series cataloguing selected presentations from the past twenty years.

Published by Koenig Books
ISBN: 978-3-96098-499-3
488 pages

20 Euro

‘Since the year 1999, around 800 lectures have taken place at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. The texts are transcripts of thirteen lectures, selected to represent the most recent history, cataloguing ideas that might otherwise be buried and forgotten. This volume is the first of a series and focuses on the diversity of artistic perspectives. It provides an insight into the Städelschule’s educational program and documents a variety of artistic and theoretical approaches that the school seeks to support in art and society at large. The ongoing series will continuously reflect the school’s anatomy and core protagonists—the professors, the curatorial program at Portikus, and the students.’ — Philippe Pirotte (Städelschule Rector)

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