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Tadas Kazakevičius, Tai, ko nebebus / Soon To Be Gone

Fotografinis albumas „Tai, ko nebebus” tai pirmoji fotografo dokumentalisto Tado Kazakevičiaus  knyga, skirta Lietuvos kaimo nykimo temai. Albume rasite virš 70 fotografijų, užfiksuotų per 5 metus autoriui nuosekliai keliaujant po Lietuvą.

Išleido: Lietuvos spaudos fotografų klubas
ISBN: 978-6-098260-01-4
108 psl. 


Photography book ’Soon to be Gone’ is the first monograph of documentary photographer Tadas Kazakevičius. Book is dedicated to the theme of a disappearance of Lithuanian countryside. In this book you will find over 70 images that were captured during authors consecutive trips through Lithuania throughout the time of 5 years.

Published by Lietuvos spaudos fotografų klubas
ISBN: 978-6-098260-01-4
108 pages

[This book is billingual: Lithuanian/ English]

45 Euro

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