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The Making of Husbands: Christina Ramberg in Dialogue

American artist Christina Ramberg's (1946-95) formally elegant, erotically sinister paintings make up one of the most intriguing bodies of work to come out of the generation of Chicago Imagists. Her drawings of women in brassieres and corsets reveal the tension between the unruly organic lines of the human body and the streamlined engineered aesthetic of the industrial product.

Ramberg described her drawings as "Containing, restraining, reforming, hurting, compressing, binding, transforming a lumpy shape into a clean smooth line".

This clothbound book with her drawings printed on the back cover contains a representative selection of Ramberg's paintings and drawings and places them in dialogue with the work of fellow artists such as Alexandra Bircken, Sara Deraedt, Gaylen Gerber, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Konrad Klapheck, Ghislaine Leung, Hans-Christian Lotz, Senga Nengudi, Ana Pellicer, Richard Rezac, Diane Simpson, Terre Thaemlitz and Kathleen White. [publisher’s words]

With texts by Dodie Bellamy, Kathrin Bentele, Jen George, Larne Abse Gogarty, Judith Russi Kirshner, Léon Kruijswijk.

Edited by Christina Ramberg, Anna Gritz 
Published by Walther König, co-published with KW
ISBN: 978-3-960986-96-6
144 pages

32 Euro

T. +37061165330
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