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Vika Pranaitytė, What If I Am You

WHAT IF I AM YOU is an architectural graphic novel created by architect Vika Pranaitytė.
People flow into the mystic utopian city. A place where everybody become the same, live the same, and work the same. Where no past exists and there is no uncertainty. The city structure turns into a symbolic theater: all units of its mechanism act as separate stages for magical and cult rituals. Day by day, while following the regulas some of the people start to feel that something is missing.
Every utopia is doomed to be a dystopia.


101 architectural drawings and illustrations.
224 pages of deep blue surreal spaces of melancholia.
Outer and inner.
Physical and spiritual.

Here you can find an interview with Vika Pranaitytė about this book (in Lithuanian).

Visual book contains sound version (QR code).
Soundscapes: Kaunas 3022

224 pages
ISBN 978-609-475-568-2

25 Euro

T. +37061165330
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