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Worms (Two)

Worms is a bi-annual literary magazine focusing on female writers and celebrating a feminist, empowering approach to books, founded by Clem Macleod; its second issue, subtitled “Revolting Women” is dedicated to women who “use words to transcend injustice,” and is inspired by figures such as Ottessa Moshfegh and Tilly Lawless. It includes conversations with Sarah Schulman and McKenzie Wark, contributions by Lawless, Fiona Alison Duncan, and Juliana Huxtable, amongst others, essays on non-traditional librarianship, Björk, Juliet Jacques and many others [publisher’s note]

Published by Worms
Design by Jonas Mcilwain

ISBN: 978-0-88884-996-0
116 pages

17 Euro

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